Peace Country Barrel Racing Association

Peace Country 
Barrel Racing Association


To promote the long time sport of 3D barrel racing in the Peace Country.  
A long lasting sport where every horse and rider are given equal opportunity to be competitive at their own level.

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, joining the association, or helping out, please reach out to Yvonne Hussey (250) 784-4734 or Casey Chudak 1-780-834-7429

Lord, watch over each and every one here today as we send our horses hard toward the first barrel.

Help us remember the many people in public service that work hard each day to make our lives safe.
And after we turn that first barrel Lord,
help us to remember that there is more to life than winning.
Lord, as we push towards the second barrel
and make a beautiful turn,
may we think deeply and appreciate the pleasure we get
from the horses that power our way.
And Lord, as we turn the third barrel towards home,
help us remember the many hours of hard work that go into training
a horse to run the pattern and win.
This is an amazing sport, a sport that makes us laugh and sometimes cry.
A sport of sure determination and often luck.
Help us Lord not to blame our animals for our
lack of preparation and respect them for who they are.
We are all here for one reason to help us celebrate our common

love for barrel racing.
Lord, help us remember that even when all goes wrong,
you are always right!

Keep us safe, God Bless each of us today.